2018 Pahrump 250 Race photos & Video clips - all images copyrighted 
Paul Cichocki (VegasPhotoman)- LasVegasPix Photography
CELL/text/call --> (702)274-0162 - EMAIL--> vegasphotoman1@yahoo.com
I touched up many images in photoshop (the 1rst 300 images)
I can do custom touch ups for you @ NO EXTRA CHARGE (blurs, burns, out of focus areas etc, sky replace)
if you CONTACT ME with interest, I'll go through YOUR IMAGES in photoshop
and post a private image gallery with FIXED IMAGES 
see what I did photoshop wise to some race pics click below links
#1091 Steve Brown images here & Justin Barry #1091 images from the race here

IMAGES you will recieve are HIGH RES JPEG = Print up to 24x36" posters @144dpi
what you see on this website are 72DPI @ 1000pixels - 
You will recieve 5184x3456@72DPI 21 megapixel images 
$20 for (1) ~ ~ $40 for (2) ~ ~ $50 for ALL in the series~

VIDEO CLIPS are 1080p HD 6-10 seconds long $30
I can add a slideshow with fades of the still images (series) with music over the slideshow part (here's a sample vid from the race) Be sure to set your youtube to 720 x1080
there will be NO COPYRIGHTED STAMP on the videos or pictures should you purchase

MILE 1 from start! CAMERA 1 photos CLICK HERE! (1000 images)
if you choose to buy the whole series you get CAM 1 & CAM 2 pictures (about 250 yards apart)

Mile 1 from start! CAMERA 2 photos 
(should be up Wed Dec 8th please check back) if you like the series from MM1 & you buy the sequence, you get any pics from postion 2 @ Mile Marker as well (extra pics!)

Photos from @ Mile marker 240 @ power line road! are up  
I stayed til aprox 1:40pm (wife 'n kids were getting restless) sorry! didn't get everyone!
WINNER Harley Letner - he surprised the shit out of us, he flew by at VERY HIGH SPEED! (obviously!) I didnt have video set up/ready for him! (got pix tho!)  got racers from 11:35am-1:40pm

Find your photo/s - write down 1rst img number AND LET ME KNOW that number/s
contact me with which ones you want to download HighRes 
I'll send you invoice or use the handy paypal.me links BELOW

Email, Text or call me - I will send you a payment link if you have noit already pre-paid (via links below)

INCLUDE = IMG # number/s you want to download & Racer Number # & car color
Individual photos EACH (1 image) =$20 ------ (2 images) = $40 ----
(3) or more sequential photos GET ALL only $50 - plus I can customize your photos with your logo, name and racer # etc
(includes all in the sequence up to 15 images!)   
MileMarker 240 would be Sequence 2 (additional $50)

VIDEO CLIP approx 3 to 9 seconds long $30 
plus I can add in a slideshow of your race stills & a second a slow-mo version of the pass - makes the video about 50 seconds long total. see sample of one racers video HERE

Delivery of images & videos will be via DROPBOX or email
(I will send you a private link)
Image purchases only I can email you or text it to you. 
21 years as a full time photographer in Las Vegas, NV = VERY TRUSTWORTHY!
Yes I'm am highly experienced (equivelent to a Doctorate in photography)
The internet makes the world VERY SMALL = I WILL NOT SCREW YOU OVER :-)

Delivery of images & videos will be via DROPBOX (I will send you a private link)
PRE-PAY or I can email/text you a secure PayPal.Me link for the total
calculate your total and pay here @ https://www.paypal.me/lasvegaspix
be sure to add in paypal NOTES Racer # & IMG number/s & or Video #

ALSO I can take Credit Card if you DONT use PayPal 
CONTACT ME --> PAUL C (702)274-0162 cell or vegasphotoman1@yahoo.com
I need CC#, Expiration date, 3 digit CVN # on back, & billing zip code 
I can email or text you the reciept (I use SquareUp for CC transactions)

or use these handy links to automatically put in the correct amount for payment
(1) Image $20  (2) images $40   
(3 to 20 pics)  ALL images per sequence $50 
(1) video clip $30  (2) video clips $60

1 set  (picture sequence plus VIDEO 720x1080p) $80

I SHOT photos @ mile marker 1 just outside of START 
& also @ approx 3 miles before FINISH near Mile 240 @ powerline road.
Paul Vegasphotoman (702)274-0162 calls or text & WhatsApp
EMAIL---> vegasphotoman1@yahoo.com