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Photographer Paul Cichocki (702)274-0162 or email
Photographer Based out of Las Vegas NV

Congratulations on your up and coming wedding!
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Everyone---->You need a MARRIAGE LICENSE before getting married at a chapel, by a minister, officiant or at a church...the chapel will send you home if you dont have your license with you
State of NV INFO start HERE--->  Clark County NV Marraige License Info
Marriage Licenses currently cost $60  The County Clerk's Office accepts cash, local NV checks, or money order  Credit Card ($5 extra fee)
they DONT accept Debit cards unless they are a combination Debit/Credit card.... CASH IS KING

LOCATION----> Marriage License Bureau 201 E Clark Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89101
it is in Old Downtown Las Vegas near Fremont Street
Phone:(702) 671-0600 ~ Office Hours:8:00a.m.-Midnight, 7 days a week/365 days a year - including holidays
GOOGLE MAP --->  Click for MAP

Ministers / Officiants

these Ministers will go to a location of your choice...if you DONT want to be married at a chapel........
.... RedRock Canyon, at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, in front of Bellagio fountains, in front of Caesars Palace or the Venetian,  at a restaurant,  in your hotel guest suite or at a private home or house rental...... are just a few locations to mention
Please mention my name when calling or contacting these is a small town and referrals go a long way :-)
oh and make sure to check in with me (the photographer)  for my availibility on your wedding day / date / time
YES I can be your witness no problem
Pam Fullerton Text/Call: 702-721-VOWS (8697)
Pam is licensed by the state & does legal binding weddings in the state of NV
Vegas Vows for Free  Pam is SUPER nice, friendly and experienced! 



Roland August (702) 743-7021


Roland is licensed by the state & does legal binding weddings in the state of NV
Roland is TOTALLY into the idea of unions and is personally invested in eacc couple....
he REALLY fully believes in what he does....and realizes, how special the moments he spends with his couples, is.... Roland is an all around great guy and does excellent classy ceremonies ...
I highly reccomend him!

Roland also does ELVIS weddings...he has to be the happiest Elvis EVER.....always with a smile!
Rolands wedding ceremonies start @ $150
check his website for current rates and package offers


Rev Ron Perry Sr
Minister Officiant for Las Vegas Weddigns on Location


Phone: 702-437-3359 Ron Perry

Weddings by Bonnie 
Bonnie Sanchez 702-328-3329

Bonnie is licensed by the state & does legal binding weddings in the state of NV

Read What Couples Are Saying about Weddings By Bonnie:
1. Thumbtack Reviews: 
2. WeddingWire Reviews: 
3. Facebook Page:

Bonnies weddings are not 3 minutes....she does a decently long ceremony and she can include your special words into the ceremony.....about 15-20 minutes...
Bonnie has a tremendous passion for what she does and gets to know a little about each couple she marries; guests often think Bonnie is a friend of the family.  Every ceremony she creates is unique and designed around the love story of each couple.  Her heartfelt ceremonies typically run between 15-30 minutes and prices start at $150. She is also licensed to perform ceremonies at the State Parks and at Red Rock and Calico Basin.

Tim Ritchey (702) 810-8847 calls or text
Tim is licensed by the state & does legal binding weddings in the state of NV


Tim's EMAIL --->

youtube slideshow of Tim

he also offers marriages as Elvis  ... 

and with music & singing of 3 Elvis songs with music/amp/mic $275....:-) 

Eddie Powers / Elvis tribute artist
Eddie has a restored 50s Caddilac that he uses for tours and photo ops as well....Eddie is entertaining when you drive with him in his Caddy....please check his website contatc Eddie direct for fees and such....
Eddie is not ordained as a minister and does not perform legal ceremonies...
but Im sure he can do vow renewals (no papers)

Eddie Powers (702) 205-3277
Call or text or e-mail me for price or any Questions


Angie Kelly (702) 812-0860 


Angie's EMAIL

Angie is a sweetie....she always has a smile and will make you laugh....look at her website for prices details and pictures of her, she recently did a wedding I was photographer at, it was very heartfelt.
you must check with her but I believe her wedding fees start @ about $160 
Angie typically does medium long ceremonies (about 10-15 minutes)

they are always classy and very endearing...
Pastor Pete Starzyk (702) 629-0690 cell

website ---> Elegant Vegas Weddings

 Office # (702) 260-7875

Pete puts people at ease with his easygoing attitude, he delivers a great ceremony with serious... and light humored moments! Professional and experienced Pete does a great job, he also does Harley Weddings! 
Rev Daniele Ledoux-Starzyk is available as well

this wedding was at TPC Las Vegas Golf course about 15 miles from the strip in Summerlin 

Rev. Kymberli ~ Las Vegas Wedding Officiant (702) 581-2233

Certified Wedding Officiant
Cell: 702.581.2233

Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards: Best Celebrant Worldwide
VEGAS SEVEN: “Best of the City” 2012
2012 Las Vegas Wedding Awards: Wedding Professional of the Year Nominee is her second email address

Alternative site ideas for weddings and events in or nearby Las Vegas....

Mount Charleston (great for summer weddings, as it is 30 degrees cooler up at Mount Charleston, a 35 mile drive from the Strip)  the peak is 11,900 feet! go for hikes, picnic, relax...check out the cliff side houses, have a beer at the lodge....pine trees, deer, birds and squirrels...:-)  great scenery! fresh air! take highway I-15 north to I-95 North to the turnoff for Mount Charleston.  MAP 
View Larger Map

get married At the " Welcome to Las Vegas sign " Just hire a licensed officiant and you're all set!

Sunset Park (2 miles east of the Vegas sign) Lake, Moutnains, ducks! relatively tranquil

be married In front of Bellagio Fountains along teh side walk (can be busy and noisy) (they run 3pm till last show @ Midnight 12pm) from 3pm to 8pm they run every 1/2 hour from 8pm-12midnight they run every 15 minutes
in winter at 7pm is the start of every 15 minute shows  /during high winds they may use smaller fountains or cancel some shows due to water being blown onto the people

Hotel balcony weddings----> FYI DONT TELL THE HOTEL that you are doing a CEREMONY or a wedding, they will want to charge the heck out of you and have you hire thier super expensive planners and they will tell you you cant do it...etc....just book it and self do the ceremony details! save BOOKOO $$$  dont attract attention to your self by announcing to all the staff that your to be security doesnt interupt a ceremony on a balcony.

Get Married at a Villa, Penthouse Suite at a major hotel...many are 700-5000 sq foot rooms and will hold a pretty decent party!  for hotel weddings you'll need a minister or officiant.
You can BYOB & hire bartenders, self cater, or have local restaurants or caterers attend to the food... or go to the local buffet, the buffets will accomodate 50 people no problem (call ahead and make a special reservation)

MGM Grand SkyLine Terrace Suite - one of teh best for weddings with more than just the couple....very spacious balcony (largest in vegas) can hold 30 people no problem....great views! great for pics! aweseom for susnet / dusk weddings! classy and not as expensive as you might think!

MGM Skyline Terraces
Rent a Skyline Terrace suite @ MGM (biggest balconies in Vegas) has killers views, holds 15-40 people for a party! Minister or officiant can come up and do ceremony...I can take pics....great times! rates range from $500 a night on off days to $750 or so...a bargain for a wedding location + wedding night hotel room

RedRock Canyon - Redrock overlook 20 miles west of the strip (in the moutnains), the entrance to the Scenic Vista is off Chraleston Blvd, the one way loop is about 17 miles long and takes about 45 minutes to drive, the 1rst 3 pull outs are the best for photos, takes about 20-25 minutes or more to get there from mid strip 2,500 tall red rock sandstone cliffs, hiking, overlooks and scenic vistas, warm in summer cold in winter, great for pictures, nor usually harassed by the rangers for taking pics, although thier policy is a required permit ($200) and fees! $8 per car entry or $6 per person if a commercial vehicle s used to enter (party bus/limo)
Well worth checking out of you have a rental car and want some out door western scenery!


Spring Mountain State Park   Pretty RedRock Cliffs, mature trees, grass and flowery fields, 15 miles from the strip  Actually I have never seen a wedding done there but makes for great photos! its right next to the Spring mountain cliffs of RedRock and has great green pastures, white horse fencing, a nice farm house for backdrop...unfortunetly it is State run and they want a $200 fee for photography and advance paperwork etc...annoying they harrass photographers shooting couples if you look anything like you kow what you are doing with nice equipment

Bonnie Springs / Old NV there's a petting zoo, restaurant, cowboy shoot outs etc, old buildings... 15 miles from the strip

Villas @ Mirage   $1,500 - $4500  you get your own pool, starts witha 1 bedrom 1600 sq ft villa, VIP stuff etc...cater it and have a wedding there !

Hospitality Suites @ Mirage  Prices are about $300-$700 per night depending...get married in a Suite!

Cosmopolitan Hotel -  Terrace Suites with balconies overlooking the strip! GREAT VIEWS and Photo ops! Smaller Terrace rooms start @ about $200 per night weekdays....views of fountains at bellagio and strip AWSOME!
The Wraparound terraces are better if you have more than 2 or 3 people attending...  cost more...

Rent a houseboat on Lake Mead and throw a wedding!  Houseboat rentals

Dept of the Interior may allow weddings at Hoover Dam overlook

Helicopter wedding at edge of west rim of Grand Canyon - runs about $400 per person plus minister flight and fee + photographers flight and fees Maverick Helicopters

Get married on a Paddlewheel boat ..big enough for 200 guests or so...out on Lake Mead / Hoover dam area

The Resort on Mount Charleston (Hotel, restaurant, weddings and events, spa)  Mount Charleston goes from 2,400 ft elevation to 11,900 at the peak, the temp where the hiking trails and such are is at about 9,700 feet so it is 30 to 40 degrees cooler up there vs the valley below, Mount Charleson is off Highway I-95 north one exit past Durango, then about 18 miles to the end of the road at the Restaurant
there are Bristlecone pine trees up high on the ridge (major hike)  very large pine trees abound....very different than the desert, deer, sometimes elk, squirrels and birds....

Mount Charleston Lodge / Restaurant (restaurant, rustic cabin rentals, weddings and events) not fancy...........

Mount Charleston campgrounds and day use economical place to host a wedding and reception if you like to bring all your own food and such...or are on a tight budget.

Floral Inspirations by Amy Wong (702)797-0599 EMAIL--->>  WEBSITE--->>>  click to see her work!

Make up and Hair

Make-Up by Nar ~ cell phone (702)496-9321    EMAIL

Dorota Hines    EMAIL:      Dorota PHONE: 702-682-2978


Perfect Hair and Perfect Make Up      Juna (make-up) (702) 862-6602     Michelle (Hair)  (702) 461-8372   Website     EMAIL:

Tuxedo & Wedding Gowns & Rentals
Tux One (702) 878-8891 ~

Tuxedo Junction (800) 832-5717 toll free

Davids Bridal (3 locations in Las Vegas) 2600 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 367-4779

Formal-wear Resale and Rentals (702) 649-5556

click for Google search results on a map of tuxedo rentals Las Vegas

Events with a Twist LLC Jennifer Colacion Jennifers company HAS A LIQUOR LICENSE meaning they can supply booze! website---->>>

The L Girls Bartenders (714) 871-1727 you bring your own liquor they bartend for you WEBSITE--->>>

Thomas Heath   (702)788-8002 Thomas Can Bartend, DJ or be your Minister Offiant for your wedding!

DJs  / Music

Audio Mix Entertainment (specializing in weddings) DJ/MC Bonny Rivera (702) 818-0172 ~ Bonny knows his stuff and has over 25 experience in weddings EMAIL

DJ Thomas Heath (702)788-8002 ~  EMAIL

DJ/MC  Jodi Harris (702) 365-9526   WEBSITE

Food / Catering / Odouv'res
Soirees ~ Lisa Bobak Phone: (702) 364-0065 WEBSITE--->>

Dickeys BBQ Pit 7430 Las Vegas Blvd. South Ste 100, Las Vegas, 89123, NV Phone-->> (702)220-4227 website-->

A Fine Affair Events - Catering  - Toni Fuller (702)523-0989 cell  (702)650-3990 WEBSITE-->>

Noras Italian Cuisine (they cater)


Chapel Limos - some of the chapels will pick you up and drop you off at any location in Las Vegas, they are not for hire, thier service is part of the chapel package, if you want to meet up with me after your ceremony, allow 1 hour from ceremony start time to being dropped off at a if youre wedding is at 5 you can usually be back on the strip by 6....some times though the traffic is bad, and the chapels busy, so your free limo ride may be up to 45 minutes later than planned! FYI  and the chapels can line you up with a limo for hire, but they usually have some kinda pre arranged deal with lesser, old limos and lesser companies......better off hiring you own using links below...

Small limos run average $60 per hour and stretch limos run an average of $75 per hour, if for instance you get married at 6pm at a chapel, then the chapels included/free  limo drops you off at say Venetian, we plan to meet up at Venetian registration area at 7pm, you probably want to allow for 1/2 hour photos then have the hired limo arrives @ 730....that gives us enough time to do 1 1/2 more hours photos along the strip and 1/2 hour for the limo to get you back to your hotel or dinner reserved restaurant without going over 2 hours limo time :-)

Executive Limosines Las Vegas

Presidential Limosines 1-(800) 423-1420 toll free   (702)438-5466 local

ODS Limos

Earth Limos (702) 437-1900

24/7 Limos Las Vegas

Bell Trans 1-(800) 274-7433 toll free  Bell has in my opinion the least favorable drivers ... but..they do have NO FRILLS, but NICE airport type shuttle that hold like 24 people for $65 per hour...cheapest party bus rates as well... $120 for a 20 passenger party bus

AWG Ambassador (702)740-3450

Mammoth Transportation

Rent an american sports car ~ Camaro SS ~ Mustang GT convetible ~ Dodge Challenger  @ HERTZ Adrenaline Collection

Other transportation to get around Las Vegas

Free Shuttles - some casinos / shopping m,alls and time share places offer free shuttle services to from strip back to thier location
Public Buses - The Duece (double decker air condition bus) runs the strip north to south
Taxis - Taxis generally run about anywhere from $7 to $16 (plus tip) for most basic moves around Vegas from hotel to hotel, unfortunetly the meter still runs if traffic is heavy....some of the drivers can drive pretty wild, scary experience....its a cab..
Rental Cars - all the major rental car companies have locations in Las Vegas / Airport / off strip etc
Las Vegas Monorail Ride Ticket  $5.00 ~ One-Day Pass  $12.00 ~ Two-Day Pass  $22.00 ~ Three-Day Pass  $28.00 ~ Four-Day Pass  $36.00  ~ Five-Day Pass  $43.00 ~ Seven-Day Pass  $56.00
it runs the backside of the east side strip properties (LVH Ballys Paris Flamingo Harrahs, MGM, The Quad etc) they also have free shuttles listed
3 Free Trams -   Between Mandalay Bay and te Excalibut  ~    Between Monte Carlo and Bellagio,  City Center -Aria -Cosmo  ~ Between Mirage and Treasure Island TI     these are almost all located in the back area of the hotel/casino


some of these numbers and address MAY be out of there's many more chapels and churches in Las Vegas
most all of these chapels DO NOT allow outside photographers SORRY! and they charge a mint for extra prints and want a ton $$ for copyright/digital/cd of photos.
so HIRE ME if you want tons of photos with rights to ownership and printing!
the BOLD highlighted Chapels allow outside photographers FOR FREE no extra charge by them...

a decently large list with links of CHAPELS----->

A Chapel By The Courthouse - 201 Bridger Ave - (702) 384-9099
A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel - 727 South 9th Street - (702) 383-5909
A Little Chapel Of Roses - 814 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 382-9404

ONLY CHAPEL IN TOWN that allows outside photographer at no extra fee!
A Little White Chapel - 1301 S. LasVegas Blvd - (702) 382-5943  elvis weddings, Joan Collins got married there $99 outdoor "drive thru" either in their "Pink Cadillac" or Gazebo wedding...cheapest in town! (plus minister tip) they allow me to photograph and video ceremonies there....  no extra fee by them!

A Special Memory Wedding Chapel - 800 S. Fourth Street & Gass - (702) 384-2211
Aladdin Wedding Chapel - 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 696-9925
All Religions Wedding Chapel - 2855 Las Vegas Blvd South - (702) 735-4179

Artisan Hotel / Chapel - 1501 W Sahara Ave - CHAPEL cooridinator (702) 214-4000 Ext. 201 or (702) 845-3811  HOTEL (702) 214-4000 interesting place Boutique Hotel with a nice "old world church like" chapel and an outdoor wedding area as well...a must see place...DIFFERENT than everything on the strip art on the ceiling, 17th century furnishings, dark, moody...

Bellagio Hotel Wedding Chapel
Caesars Palace Wedding Services - 3570 Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 731-7422 $$$$$$
Candlelight Wedding Chapel - 2855 Las Vegas Blvd South - (800) 962-1818 or (702) 735-4179
Canterbury Wedding Chapels - Excaliber Hotel-Casino - 3850Las Vegas Blvd So. - (702) 597-7260
Celebration Ministries - 3087 Ramrod St - (702) 395-6246
Celebration Wedding Chapel - 3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 894-5222
Central Park Wedding Chapel - MGM Grand - (702) 891-7950
Century Manor - 2600 E.Flamingo Rd. - (702) 369-1171
Chapel at the Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo Resort - 3770 Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 730-7777
Chapel by the Bay - Mandalay Bay Resort - 3950S Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 632-7777
Chapel In The Plaza - 1 N.Main - (702) 386-0992
Chapel Of Dreams - 2121 LasVegas Blvd So - (702) 731-5052
Chapel of Love - 1431 S. LasVegas Blvd - (702) 387-0155
Chapel Of The Bells - 2233 LasVegas Blvd South - (702) 735-6803  TOLL FREE # 1-800-233-2391 pretty exterior for pics at night...nice clue what the inside is like!
Chapel of the Flowers 1717 Las Vegas Blvd. So. Las Vegas, NV 89104   TOLL FREE # (800) 843-2410 1-702-735-4331 / 020 3286 5662 UK EMAIL
Chaplain-At-Large - 1301 S. LasVegas Blvd - (702) 382-5943
Circus Circus Chapel Of The Fountains - 2880 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 794-3777
Cupid's Wedding Chapel - 827 S.Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 598-4444
Emerald Gardens - 891 S Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 242-5700
First Church Of Religious Science - 1420 E. Harmon Ave - (702) 739-8200

Flamingo Garden Chapel @ The Flamingo - 3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 733-3232 or try 1-800-933-7993 Toll Free The Flamingo allows outside photographers but YOU MUST PAY an extra $150 to THEM for the "right" to do so..the indoor chapel is really beautiful.....worth the $150 fee to have me shoot the ceremony on video and stills....saves you $$$$ big time

The Grandeur - 3057 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 812-4224
Hitching Post Wedding Chapel - 1737 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (800)572-5530
the LINQ wedding chapel in the "silver sky chapel" (Old Imperial Palace Wedding Chapel) - 3535 S. Las Vegas Blvd - Phone:(866) 228-0918
Lakeside Weddings - Hyatt Regency Lake Las Vegas Resort - (702) 567-1234
Lake Las Vegas LOEWS Hotel
Las Vegas Wedding Garden - 200W. Sahara Av - (702) 387-0123
Las Vegas Wedding Reservations - 4036 Adelphi Av - (702) 435-7922
Lily of the Valley Ministry - 1112 Fremont St - (702) 385-1004
Little Church Of The West- 4617 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89119 - PHONE (702) 739-7971  one of the oldest chapels in Las is nearest to the  Las Vegas sign
Mt Charleston Hotel & Restaurant - 2 Kyle Canyon Rd, Mt Charleston - (800) 794-3456
Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel or locally at 702-632-7490 ~ EMAIL

New York New York Hotel & Casino - 3790 S.Las Vegas Blvd.- (702) 740-6969

RAINBOW GARDENS Website--->  (702) 878-4646   |
Rainbow Gardens allows ME as your photographer to shoot your wedding...they don't charge an extra fee!

Rio Wedding Chapel - Rio Hotel & Casino - 3700 W. Flamingo (702) 247-7986
Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas Chapel - 1610 Lake Las Vegas Pkwy, Henderson - (702) 567-4700
Riviera Wedding Chapel And Florist - 2901 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 794-9494 (HOTEL IMPLODED! GONE ...)
Saint Thomas Catholic Church - 6010 Smoke Ranch Rd - (702) 655-5840
St Tropez Wedding Chapel - 455 East Harmon Ave - 866-687-9711
San Francisco Sally's Victorian Chapel - 1304 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 385-7777
Shalimar Wedding Chapel - 1401S. Las Vegas Bld, Las Vegas - (702) 382-7322
Silver Bell Wedding Chapel - 607 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 382-3726
Siena Golf Course -  they do weddings and receptions
Sky Wiew Terrace - 6565 Spencer St - (702) 614-9860
Starlight Chapels at the Stardust - 3000 LV Blvd - (702) 732-6700  IMPLODED!!!
Stratosphere Hotel Casino and Tower Wedding Chapel - 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South - 800-998-6937 or (702) 383-4777
Sweethearts Wedding Chapel - 1155 S.Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 385-7785
Texas Station Wedding Chapels - 2101 Texas Star Ln - (702) 631-8344
The Terrace - 1361 W Warm Springs Rd, Henderson - (702) 436-5888
Treasure Island At The Mirage - 3300 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 798-3778
Vegas Weddings (702VegasWeddings)

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel you can get married conventionally ..or by ELVIS!  1205 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 Toll Free Phone: (800) 574-4450 / Local: (702) 384-0771
Viva Chapel DOES allow outside photographers / video at no extra charge as long as I stay seated in the pews....same with your guests..they offer live web cam feed etc as well
once the ceremony is done I must exit the chapel... good for a second angle on the wedding!

Wedgewood event center and receptions
Wedding Center, The - 1301 S LV Blvd - (702) 382-5943
Wee Kirk' O' The Heather - 231 S. Las Vegas Blvd - (702) 382-9830
Westminster Chapel - 1001 S 3rd St - (702) 868-4110
Zen Buddhist & Christian Society - (702) 870-8240

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